What Does a Certified Medical Assistant Do?


What does a medical assistant do that’s certified? Certified Medical Assistants actually perform the same tasks as a Medical Assistant that is not certified. However, it is much easier to get a job as a medical assistant, if you are properly certified as either a certified medical assistant or a registered medical assistant. Formal training is not only beneficial for the medical l assistant but also to the physician and/or employer. Most physicians realize that a good medical assistant deserves higher than average wages as it is very costly to hire people and train people. Hiring medical assistants that are certified or registered saves the physician valuable time and money that would need to be spent in training.

So, what does a certified medical assistant do? There are two major categories of duties that medical assistants perform. These are administrative tasks and clinical tasks. Some medical assistants are either Administrative Medical Assistants or Certified Medical Assistants but many are cross-trained. Cross training means that one person is trained to do a variety of different duties. Usually, Medical Assistants in a small office will be cross-trained to do both administrative and clinical tasks. However, in a large setting, such as a hospital, usually a medical assistant has only a few tasks to perform.

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What Does a Certified Medical Assistant Administrative Do?

What tasks does a certified medical assistant do? Common administrative tasks are to greet patients when they arrive in the office and obtain basic information to get the patients registered. This includes entering information in on the computer and assembling the patient’s medical record. Another common administrative task is office accounting, which is usually done electronically. An administrative medical assistant will also take care of filing and adding information to medical records. During medical assistant training, the medical assistant will learn basic knowledge of procedure and diagnosis coding. This will help with completing insurance claim forms, determining a patient’s insurance coverage and any limitations the patient may have.  Medical assistants will also answer the telephones, schedule appointments with patients, update medical records and handle office correspondence.

What Does A Medical Assistant Do? | Certified Medical Assistant Clinical Tasks

 There are many common clinical tasks that medical assistants perform. One of the most important tasks is preparing patients and the equipment that’s needed before examinations. Clinical Medical Assistants often do basic testing procedures and are usually trained in phlebotomy. Clinical Medical Assistants are also trained in first aid and cardio resuscitation.  Other common tasks are inventorying and ordering supplies, administering medications under physicians supervision, taking x-rays, taking electrocardiograms, assisting during surgery, preparing sterile trays, taking patient’s medical histories and taking patient’s vital signs.