Medical Assistant Programs In Illinois


There are around 25 schools and institutions that offer medical assistant programs in Illinois. Most of them are accredited by either CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) or ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools). A few of the schools are not accredited by either one of them. Although, you may acquire a certificate through such programs, it is likely that they would not be acceptable at good clinics or health care centers. During the screening process, when you are deciding upon the school to enroll in for medical assistant programs in Illinois, you must check the accreditation of the school.

Different Medical Assistant Programs In Illinois

You would find different types of medical assistant programs in Illinois. They are primarily Medical Assisting Programs, Medical Administrative Programs, Medical Assistant (Day) programs and Medical Assistant (Evening) Programs.

Once you decide upon the CAAHEP or ABHES accredited school, you can look into the different types of programs and choose the one you wish to enroll in.

Different Medical Assistant Certificates In Illinois

There are three types of medical assistant certificates that you can opt for while enrolling in medical assistant programs in Illinois. You can either go for a recognized Certificate program, a Diploma program or an Associative Degree program.

Now all schools do not offer all the types of certifications. There are only a few that would offer all of them. You can check out which ones would suit best for your specific goal.

Online Medical Assistant Programs In Illinois

There are quite a few educational institutes that offer online medical assistant programs in Illinois. These normally require an applicant to sign up with them online, pay the medical assistant program fee and go through the training program for about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the institute.

Distance learning or training in medical assistant programs are recognized these days, however, you would still have to physically complete the practicum. The practicum is your unpaid on the field job at a clinic or medical center where you work as a medical assistant under supervision. Unless you complete a practicum, most CAAHEP or ABHES recognized institutes will not consider you eligible to apply for the certification exam.

Certification After Completing Medical Assistant Programs In Illinois

After you have successfully completed your medical assistant programs in Illinois, you are eligible to apply for the certification exam. You can apply online and some institutes also offer an online exam. However, you must do a thorough check on that. Although there are standard principles for conducting the exams, some institutes may have some additional criteria or may have some exceptions.

If you pass the certification program from your institute and are a certified medical assistant then you can start looking for a job. Many institutes that offer medical assistant programs in Illinois have their own bank of jobs and you may walk out of the institute with a certificate or degree along with a couple of offers for employment.